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This is my second album which I am still working on. I wrote all the songs on this album with some help from my Dad. My friends, Kirsty, Alice and Juliette (Flash) feature with me in the song Last Words.

Kirsty and I recorded the Priceless songs. Videos for some of these can be found on You Tube

All songs are copyright E.B. Enterprises 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Second Album - Deadly Night Time


Pull Yourself Together

2.8 MB



Free from the fire within (featuring Priceless)

2.4 MB


You Tube video

Last Words (featuring Flash)

1.8 MB



Darkness (save me) (featuring Priceless )

2.9 MB


You Tube video

Across the River (featuring Priceless)

2.9 MB




4.1 MB




3.1 MB



Come On Come On

3.3 MB



Get Up on Your Feet

2.6 MB



This is my first album. All songs are copyright E.B.Enterprises 2006, 2007

Pop Star Music Made For Pop Stars

Santa Song

3.8 MB


Happy Birthday

1.4 MB


The Zoo

4.6 MB


My School

4.3 MB


Pop Star Music

4.6 MB


The Body Song

4.8 MB


Farm Let’s Sing

2.7 MB


The Gerbil Rap

2.7 MB


The Bug Song

3.9 MB


The Bike Song

3.6 MB


Minnie The Dog

4.6 MB


The Forest

3.6 MB


The Sea

4.8 MB


Farm Let’s Sing First Mix

1.4 MB


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